DCS Work Safe Policy Statement

Version 2.3 – May 2018

Decorative Concrete Specialists Ltd (DCS) recognise our responsibility under the Health & Safety at Work Act and associated regulations and recognise our duty of care and undertake to maintain safe systems affecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We will ensure that no one under our control is exposed to unacceptable levels of health or safety risks at work.

DCS operates a Work safe Policy (or Right to Refuse to Work Policy) to protect our employees and ensure others not in our employment are not placed at risk. Every member of DCS and every member of team working on any DCS managed project(s), has the absolute right to decline to carry out work if they feel it is not safe to do so.

Where the operation of a machine, a site condition or a method of working constitutes a danger to the employee of another person the employee may refuse to work.

Any situation arising which leads to an individual refusing to work for Health and Safety reasons must be reported to the senior person on site as soon as possible, and no employee should continue to work until the working environment is made safe. The management team should be informed. Escalation for resolving a Refusal to Work is through the management team and the Managing Director and their decision will be final.

Managers and staff are also encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions, which they have witnessed through the Near Miss Reporting procedure.

DCS will not discipline, discharge, suspend, lay off or demote an employee or impose any financial or other penalty on an employee who invokes the Refusal to Work Procedure. Full details of the procedure to be followed can be found in the Health & Safety Policy.

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