Case Study: Rhinos Wild Explorers, Marwell Zoo

Decorative Concrete Specialists


Rhino Enclosure, Wild Explorers, May 2015


Marwell Zoo, Winchester


Themed Printed Concrete Walkways


Area: 197 m2
Themed Textures


Marwell Zoo, Rhino Enclosure

Creating a Themed Approach to a Watering Hole

The design team at Marwell Zoo wanted visitors to the new rhino enclosure to feel as if they might be walking over an area of the animals’ own habitat as they approach a submerged military vehicle which would be a viewing platform.

The team wanted the walkways and viewing areas to include clues to the variety of wild animals who would be sharing the water hole with the rhinos such as lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants.

Sand, Mud & Animal Prints in Concrete

Our team worked with the animal experts from Marwell Zoo to craft custom stamps which we used to create realistic animal prints and tracks.

We produced a set of sample boards to help the design team at Marwell Zoo visualise how the graduated colours, textures and imprinted animal prints would look in different parts of the finished exhibit.

The Completed Rhino Enclosure

Our specialist installers created a textured printed concrete surface with animal prints and theming to create the walkways through the exhibit.

The result is safe and hard wearing but has the realistic appearance of a dry and sandy surface leading to the muddy banks of the watering hole, with evidence of recent animal visitors along the way.

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