Case Study: Cheetahs Rock, Whipsnade Zoo

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Cheetahs Rock Viewing Cabin, Mar 2017


ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


Bespoke themed printed concrete


Clean & safe themed internal floor surface


Cheetahs Rock, Whipsnade Zoo

A muddy problem in the viewing cabin

The natural floor of the viewing cabin at Cheetahs Rock, Whipsnade Zoo was causing problems for visitors and staff when the weather outside was wet.

The dry earthy floor of the viewing cabin would quickly turn to wet, muddy pools as people walked in with wet footwear from outside.

Creating a “mud floor” that’s clean, dry & safe

The ZSL team wanted to solve the mud problem, but wanted the viewing cabin to continue to make visitors feel as close as possible to the animals. They wanted the viewing area to still feel like part of the animals’ habitat.

Having completed various installations for ZSL including the new Lion Enclosure at London Zoo, DCS were invited to come up with a solution.

Textured concrete that looks like… mud!

DCS installed a carefully coloured and textured printed concrete floor throughout the viewing cabin to give the impression of a natural mud floor.

The new surface is safe and stays clean & dry more easily, allowing visitors of all ages to enjoy the view of the cheetahs even when the UK weather has been at its worst.

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