Case Study: Taco Bell Rockingham, Barnsley

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Taco Bell Rockingham, Barnsley, Nov 2017


Taco Bell UK and TCM Trojan Group


Printed Concrete Drive-Thru and Paving


Drive-Thru: 150 m2 Paving: 186 m2


Taco Bell Rockingham, Barnsley

Printed Concrete Paving and Drive-Thru Lane

DCS installed 336 m2 of printed concrete paving and drive-thru lane throughout the site of this new Taco Bell Drive-Thru restaruant construction in Rockingham, Barnsley.

The printed concrete drive-thru lane was completed in a sidewalk slate pattern.

The printed concrete pedestrian paving areas were installed in a new brick herringbone pattern.

DCS Taco Bell Rockingham Barnsley Printed Concrete Drive-Thru 0989 DCS Taco Bell Barnsley Printed Concrete Drive-Thru 0989

Printed Concrete Block Paving

Pedestrian areas at drive-thru restaurants have generally been block paved historically.

At Taco Bell Rockingham DCS were appointed to install printed concrete paving to all pedestrian areas using a brick herringbone pattern, and a printed concrete sidewalk slate drive-thru lane.

The result is an impressive finish which retains the block paving style, but also benefits from all the advantages of a printed concrete installation.

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